Alfa Power

Alfa Power is working to create a strong footprint of Electric Vehicles (EV) charge points throughout the UK.

Alfa House
Alfa House

Alfa House is our property investment and development wing, which boasts an impressive pedigree and track record.

Group Alfa

Group Alfa is a growing modern agile business with an exceptionally diverse portfolio of products and services.

Switched On

Switched On by Alfa offers consumers throughout the UK, 100% renewable, green energy solutions.

Green Clean

Green Clean aims to build a chain of environment-friendly car washes utilising a unique underground water-recycling system.

EV Parking Management

EV Parking Management offers complete end-to-end CCTV/ANPR solutions for EV parking bays in the UK.


Alfa Power and eVie Car Leasing offer the perfect solutions for anyone looking to go e-mobile.

EV Switch

EV switch provide management and install services for electric vehicle charge stations throughout the UK.